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We Are Beyond

At FortuneWest, we approach marketing from a different perspective. One we think youll recognise. It’s yours.

No one knows your business like you do. That’s why we make sure we are fully aligned to your business objectives from the start. Then we develop a strategy to help you achieve your objectives. Whether they’re centred on growth, maximising sales, entering new markets or getting more visitors to your website or event.

The story doesn’t stop there. After helping define the best path to success, we help make it a reality by creating and delivering practical marketing solutions that work.

Digital Lovers

Our technique is so simple, it’s quite smart.

  • Listen. We listen to you, your execs, sales people even customers – you choose – to get the full story of your current situation, including the tricky bits.
  • Look. We look at why customers buy, what they look for, who else they might be looking at.
  • Think. We explore what SUCCESS looks like to you, and how best to achieve it.
  • Deliver. Then we put our creative and operational expertise to work for you. You get innovative, working solutions that help you achieve your marketing and broader business goals.

We stop at nothing

Means that we deliver what we promise and add value that goes beyond what is expected. We achieve Excellence through Innovation, Learning and Agility

We Love To Explore​

Whether it’s a friendship or relationship all bonds are built on trust. Without it you have nothing.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Which means independence in thought, judgment and deeds, and entrepreneurial spirit creativity. It also means tolerance, respect for others, for different cultures and customs

We Keep It Simple

We believe power is gained by sharing knowledge, not holding it. So at Percoyo we constantly improve Ourselves, Our Team and Our Clients. So that they gain cutting edge in a competitive market.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We combine our knowledge of cutting edge technology with hard work to help you navigate the emerging opportunities and grow your business. Our team is passionate about helping businesses succeed and we are always up for a challenge. We are constantly learning and improving our skills so that we can provide you with the best possible service.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

Jennie Ryan

Art Director

Rod Mikey

SEO Specialist

Susan Poore

Digital Consultant

Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

Kiara Foster

Head of Content

Edward Smith

Strategy Dreamer

Jennie Stone

Social Media

Nichole Reed

Senior Designer

Meet Our Clients

we work for them

Here’s just a few of our satisfied clients from over the years. 

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