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5 Things To Do Ensure Your Product Management Success

The whole world is shifting toward technology-enabled services, which means technology is the primary input into the offered services instead of labour. Whether they are global tech giants like Google and Apple or startups, they all have launched produ

5 Patterns in QA That Help Achieve Business Goals In 2021

When it comes to software development, it is important to continue adjusting the approaches to quality assurance. The global pandemic COVID19 has prompted many companies to develop and adopt new responses like work from home policies, regular video con

5 Key Technology Trends You Should Keep Tab On In 2021

Only a few days till 2021. As we all experience, 2020 isn’t the best year we had all expected. The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in the works of all businesses in all industries. We all suffer in countless ways, and the IT departments are bearing th


CIO vs CTO: What are the Key Differences?

In this article, let’s examine the two roles of the Chief information officer (CIO) and Chief technology officer (CTO) to understand the difference and how they can complement each other to maximize the added value to business organizations.

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