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Digital Experience & App Modernization For The Future of Banking

How do traditional banks and financial institutions build the bank of the future? Specifically, how do you create the best case user experience for digital banking of the future? In the past, traditional banking might offer low or free account opening


How Digital Transformation Can Benefit Private Equity Firms

The technology advancement in recent years has significantly impacted and disrupted business models across industries, changing the way every company operates. The private equity sector has not been immune to this trend, with firms quickly invest in an


AWS Cloud for Start-Ups & SMEs: What Are The Benefits?

For business organizations like start-ups and SMEs (small-medium enterprises), when it comes to choosing IT infrastructure, it would usually involve choosing between building their private server or using cloud computing services such as


How DevOps Can Benefit Digital Transformation?

Nowadays technology companies can easily automate their processes due to the increase in demand for tech solutions. As a result, tech services become a highly competitive space. But still, it is surely not an easy job to conduct application modernizati


Digital & Technology Challenges In A Growing Business

As the business is growing, it will surely bring great satisfaction for the company and make other competitors watchful. On the other hand, when the business becomes bigger by scaling up, the previous goals, benchmarks, and strategies could likely beco

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