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Digital Acceleration: Why Is It Essential For Businesses?

Many companies have been transitioning toward digital transformation for years before the pandemic, but once Covid-19 struck, it means that every organization has to either adapt or risk left behind by their competitors.
In fact, companies have


Legacy Systems — Issues and The Need For Modernization

What is legacy software? In its simplest sense, the legacy systems comprise outdated software and other obsolete technologies that are still in use by business organizations for their operations. These tools and technologies are built into the structur


An Overview Of Customer Data Analytics & How To Make It Work?

Modern technology and IoT have enabled customers to tell us what they want with just a few clicks. Too often, however, we are not listening to what they have to say and keep offering the same products and solutions that they have already ignored. If yo


How does BIG DATA impact the FINANCE industry?

Today, more and more business organizations adopt a data-centric approach to optimize their business processes, leveraging the huge advantages of Big Data. Along with other techniques such as data visualization and process automation, many companies ex


5 Patterns in QA That Help Achieve Business Goals In 2021

When it comes to software development, it is important to continue adjusting the approaches to quality assurance. The global pandemic COVID19 has prompted many companies to develop and adopt new responses like work from home policies, regular video con

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