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We understand that no one knows your business like you do. That’s why with FortuneWest you get strategic and creative marketing expertise that is fully aligned to your business goals.


Moving your business to the Cloud enables you to harness a multitude of advanced, on-demand computing services ranging from market leading apps to cloud storage.


Starting from a deep understanding, we align ourselves to your business goals to deliver the results you need.


For results driven marketing that spans strategy, marketing automation, content, social media, SEO and more.


Leverage one of the world’s most powerful cloud computing resources to help your business build an efficient, secure, and reliable cloud solution.


Create a unique web strategy with innovation, creativity and hosting solutions for web presence that delivers results.


Our studio is set up to deliver your marketing success through creative content, design, artwork, branding and production.


Providing Cloud technology solutions as the building blocks to help organisations save costs, Microsoft Azure uses Cloud innovation to power the best business decisions.


Enjoy the performance and speed of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including Compute, Storage, Developer Tools, Manager Tools, Big Data, and more


We help you amplify your message through the big – and small – screen with strategy, creative art direction and editing.



Most cloud solutions are easy-to-use, effective and robust. However, implementing these can be a complex task and different companies will face different challenges along the way.

Before jumping into the cloud, we recommend speaking to one of our experts. Experienced and unbiased, they’ll review your requirements.

Because we’re exposed to various IT networks, we understand the cloud requirements of all types of businesses. We’ve found the below to be real-life benefits of migrating some or all of your IT operations to the cloud.

  • Lower Capital Expenditure – Cloud computing services are usually set up on a PAYG basis. This allows you to have lower upfront costs and more predictable ongoing expenditure.
  • Easily Scalable –You can tailor cloud solutions to fit your business’ demands perfectly, meaning your systems can grow alongside your company with lower financial risk.
  • Additional Security – Cloud service providers usually deploy security controls to protect their (and your) environment – this means you have that extra peace of mind.
  • Easy Access to Information – Businesses often need to access information from multiple locations on multiple devices. Being in the Cloud enables you to do this, any time. This also aids collaboration between employees across multiple sites.

Discover ǀ Insight ǀ Strategy ǀ Consult


This is where we put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.  Our approach helps you identify and achieve your business objectives faster and easier than struggling on alone. With years of experience – both within agencies and businesses just like yours we excel in turning complex product and service offerings into compelling messages for the right audience.

There are a number of factors we consider to create the intel you need.

  • Understanding your product and services; where they come from, what they do
  • Exploring the experiences of your customers; the benefits of your products and working with you
  • Mapping markets; the changes and challenges in your, and your customers’, sectors
  • Understanding you; what makes your company unique, how you see yourselves and why customers work with you

Strategy ǀ Messaging ǀ Marketing Automation


Knowing what marketing techniques to use at each stage of the customer journey is a bit of an art … or is it a science? What drives us is applying our knowledge and expertise to your marketing environment for maximum effect – and that means strong business outcomes.

  • Strategy. Knowing what to use, when, and how to develop your messages to best effect.
  • Marketing automation. Communicating the right message to the right people at the right time.
  • Content. Building engagement by offering content that drives people to act.
  • SEO. Making sure the right people can make their way to your site and ultimately to you.
  • Social Media. Expanding your presence and bringing your brand personality to life across multiple platforms.
  • Customer marketing. Now you’ve secured the business, you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Of course, you can use FortuneWest’s expertise for any or all of these activities. It really is up to you.

Brand ǀ Creativity ǀ Artwork


Creativity is contagious, pass it on,” Albert Einstein. Creative ideas bounce around our studio in Maidenhead, inspiring us to deliver:

  • Creative concepts. We apply creative thinking to your marketing challenges to give you astonishing results
  • Design. The magic that turns a concept into a compelling vision and brings your messages to life.
  • Copy. Getting under the skin of complex products and services means we write about complex ideas in human language that speaks to your buyers.
  • Artwork.  Turning great design ideas into pictures, illustrations, photographs and instructions to take them from the design screen to real life.
  • Brand. This is where we combine words, pictures, artwork and creativity and bring it all together under your brand, to say everything you want to say about your product or service.
  • And more. When you work with FortuneWest you also get to work with clever, creative people in our vast network of specialist suppliers and skilled freelancers.

Strategy ǀ Art direction ǀ Filming ǀ Editing


Video takes marketing messages to a whole new level. We can help you use video to inform, educate and even provoke. It helps you differentiate your message from the mainstream, and develop your brand personality.

We can assist with every aspect of video creation – from storyboarding, scripting, choreography and art direction to editing and post-production. Lift your video even further with our 3D graphics, animation and photography skills.

This really is one of those times when seeing is believing. Take a look at a few of the videos we’ve produced for happy clients to create compelling case studies, capture live events and promote products.

Strategy ǀ Design ǀ Build Hosting


We can help you define a digital strategy that makes your website earn its keep. That’s right, because the web should be more than a flashy shop window. That’s why our approach to digital combines creative talent with strong business-focused design and broad technical expertise.

  • We align your website to your buyer’s journey – wringing the utmost value from your site at every stage, and delivering an excellent customer experience from the outset.
  • Designing, building, deploying and optimising responsive websites.
  • Your web presence is in safe hands with our expert hosting solutions and an experienced team to provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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